7 August 2023

Young Person’s Gym at YMCA Bath

Our Health and Wellbeing team at YMCA Bath Gym have been working on a new project for young people.

We now have a special young person’s membership for those aged 11-15. We are really excited to be offering this program. Our gym can be a safe, welcoming space for young people to socialise and improve their physical and mental... Read more

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Young Person’s Gym at YMCA Bath

4 August 2023

Youth Investment Fund for Frome Youth and Community Centre

The Frome Youth Community Centre has been awarded youth investment funding that will bring a substantial renovation to the centre and provide an increase of staffing to offer more activities to young people in Frome.

The funding was awarded following a rigorous application process that demonstrated the potential impact of the renovation on the local community. The YMCA Brunel Group team worked with young people and community members to identify the most pressing needs and develop... Read more

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31 July 2023

Community Pollinator Garden – YMCA Bath + Roots Allotments

Thanks to the Bee Bold awards from West of England Combine Authority, YMCA Brunel Group has been granted funding to create two pollinator gardens in our disused outdoor spaces in both Bath and Bristol.

In YMCA Bath, we have teamed up with Roots Allotments who has been amazing in helping us clean up the space and start planting! We spent all of last Friday digging, clearing, pruning, and planting to lay the groundwork for... Read more

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26 July 2023

Lucy Evans wins Children’s Worker of the Year!

Our very own Lucy Evans at Street Foyer has been awarded Children’s Worker of the Year by the Somerset Council’s Annual Achievement Awards!

We are so incredibly proud of Lucy and immensely thankful for the amazing work she has been doing with young people at Street Foyer. Lucy was nominated by a young person who had quite a difficult journey through our service.... Read more

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25 July 2023

The Big Give

We are participating in The Big Give this year to raise funds to support the survival of our youth clubs.

Our goal is to raise £5,000 during the week-long event. We need your match funding pledges to get started!

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20 June 2023

Innovative Sustainability at Christopher House

Residents of Christopher House in Yeovil have been getting extra creative with their sustainability.

We love to encourage thinking outside of the box, and these projects certainly demonstrate creative concepts! Residents have been upcycling a range of materials, from energy drink cans to…toilets! And making some pretty cool, unique stuff with them too! One... Read more

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9 June 2023

Roots Allotments + YMCA Bath

At YMCA Brunel Group we believe it is important for everyone to have access to a bright future.

We strive to create environments where members of the community, from any background, can learn, grow, and connect with others.  And speaking of connections… Roots Allotments aim to inspire and empower as many people as possible to embrace the joy... Read more

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22 May 2023

Small Talks at Christopher House – Mental Health Awareness Week

Christopher House staff and residents participated in the National YMCA Small Talks campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week: Small Talks Make a Big Difference.

Here is what Julie Martin, Accommodation and Support Manager, said about the event: “The event was well attended, and we have to say the quotes on the tea, along with the cards, were perfect ice-breakers for everyone to get involved.... Read more

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15 May 2023

Staff Highlight, Jane Copestake

Jane, Senior Accommodation and Support Worker, Under 18's

How long have you worked for YMCA Brunel Group? I started work for the YMCA in October 2022, which seems like yesterday to me, however, the YMCA also seems like home. I took a brief break within that time, but... Read more

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Jane Copestake Staff Highlight Portrait