Lucy Evans wins Children’s Worker of the Year!

Our very own Lucy Evans at Street Foyer has been awarded Children’s Worker of the Year by the Somerset Council’s Annual Achievement Awards!

We are so incredibly proud of Lucy and immensely thankful for the amazing work she has been doing with young people at Street Foyer.

Lucy was nominated by a young person who had quite a difficult journey through our service. He moved into Street feeling very low and had trouble settling in. Together with Lucy and the team, he persevered and has since moved on through the service, building strong connections along the way.

We are so grateful that Lucy and her team have been so persistent and caring with all the young people in Street Foyer, and this young person has shown how much he appreciates the service that they provide.

Lucy is the heart and soul of the Street Foyer team and goes above and beyond to set the tone, care, example of trauma informed support. This award is the proof that it’s an effective, caring and impactful service.

“I met Lucy in March las year when I was all over the place with my own issues and Lucy was my key worker as well – she was like the mum of the YMCA. We talked a lot about mental health and relationships – I felt like I wouldn’t be in my own flat if she hadn’t helped me with my mental health by getting help and also just being 100% a Lizzo fan, just want to say thank you Lucy!”

  • C, Street Foyer Resident