11 January 2022

12 year old Millie organised a non-uniform day at school to raise money for the YMCA

We were overwhelmed by Millie and her appreciation of her own circumstances compared to those of others and then her wish to raise money and support others – here is her story…

“Hello, my name is Millie and I am 12 years old.  I am honoured to be Head of School Council at my school, Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne.  This opportunity has given me a chance to work with School Council... Read more

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10 January 2022

Sound journey

The staff at the Bath nursery enjoy accessing as much continued professional development as possible to ensure that they are offering the children the best possible start in their education.

Two members of staff recently attended some music training, which set them thinking about the opportunities we create for children to explore sound, as music isn’t just about songs! We provided different resources for pouring colourful rice on to, which... Read more

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10 January 2022

Grace Harris House Prison Visit

The staff at GHH asked the residents what they would like to do to celebrate Christmas.

They agreed that they would like to visit Shepton Mallet Prison (not the most conventional way to mark the festive season but this was their decision!) So in December, five residents and two staff had a very informative guided tour... Read more

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7 January 2022

The WI at Chewton Mendip

The WI at Chewton Mendip have been busy making baby bags for new mums who are staying at our YMCA.

The bags have all sorts of goodies inside them – from homemade blankets, mittens, clothes and toys to items like talc, also something for Mum as a treat. We are always so grateful to the support from our local WI’s... Read more

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5 January 2022

Celebrating national bird day at our Bath nursery!

It is national bird day today and we are fortunate to be in the city centre and yet have a fantastic view from our nursery windows.

The view outside is always a great talking point and today the children spotted flocks of birds in the sky, this led to us looking up birds in our bird books and we decided that we wanted to learn more... Read more

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