DJ in the making

In Frome, we have a lovely local man called Jeremy Wescott who has a radio show called Wescott’s world with Frome FM.

He also donates generous amounts of items to support our young people that he has been donated himself from the local community and further afield. He is a big part of the Frome community. Ryan, one of the young people we support at YMCA Frome Foyer, was interested in Radio, so we asked if Jeremy would consider interviewing Ryan on his radio show. Ryan jumped at the chance to go on air and Jeremey was more than happy to make it all happen. As a result, Jeremy is now also supporting Ryan is planning his own radio show and showing him how to plan and develop content etc.

We are always so humbled when the local community support our young people and really make a difference to their lives and self-belief. So, a big shout-out of thanks to Jeremy and we can’t wait for Ryan to have his own show!