Little Ducklings Community Larder

community larder at little ducklings nursery

In the summer 2022, Little Ducklings Nursery in Lyneham was gifted a free shed from a parent.

Staff erected the shed at the front of the property and began to brainstorm the idea of opening it up to the community to be able to access things like clothes and books, all for free!

Unfortunately, the initial plan was not meant to be. The MOD decided the shed couldn’t stay where it was so staff relocated it to the back garden. The children now have a lovely “house” in the garden to play in!

The staff at Little Ducklings were not ready to give up on their idea! They decided to set up the larder in the garage of house 19. This took a lot of work as the garage was previously a dumping ground for broken toys and equipment. With the help of maintenance, they managed to empty, clean, and furnish the garage appropriately so that it could house their dream larder!

After advertising it for a week the larder begam to fill up with clothing and food items. Little Ducklings had donations from local as well as not so local residents who had kindly completed a collection in their work place especially for the larder!

“I had messages form far and wide asking if people could access it and of course the answer was….yes! The larder is for anyone and everyone!” Keris Healey, Little Ducklings Nursery Manager

Nursery manager Keris applied to join the food share scheme at the COOP. They now donate their surplus food twice a week to help fill the larder with goodies.

Keris has had meetings with councillors from Wiltshire council, the local Parish council and the Women’s Institute. All were more than happy to help support the fabulous larder and help it reach as many people as possible!

Wiltshire Council awarded the nursery with a Winter Grant. With the grant, staff can purchase items to stock the larder with including food vouchers, duvets, blankets and hot water bottles to help keep the community warm this winter.

Future plans include helping people to understand food waste better, helping families be able to make easy meals using the food from the larder, and possibly introducing simple cookery classes.

The community larder is a great success. All of us at Brunel Group couldn’t be prouder of the Little Ducklings team for the efforts they have made and the example they have set for their young people.