Nursery Staff Highlight, Keris Healey

Staff highlight Keris Healey

We are so proud of our amazing staff and love to share the incredible work they are doing.

Here are some words from Keris Healey, manager of the Little Ducklings Nursery in Lyneham:

I was looking for a new challenge in 2021 after having my little boy. I found the YMCA was recruiting and the moment I had the interview I knew I wanted to work there. It was going to be just the challenge and change that I needed. The setting was in great need of some leadership and management and after a rocky start from Covid closing the nursery in my first month I got my teeth stuck into the challenge and haven’t regretted it a day since!

The nursery has gone from strength to strength with my crazy ideas taking shape and succeeding with the help and support of the staff team and the wider YMCA community. I will always strive to succeed in the next challenge to help improve and offer new and exciting things to our team and the community.

I have worked with the YMCA over a year now and I really love the family culture we offer. We, as a team, are a family and we regularly hold out our hands to our community who we see as our extended family. We help them every day from providing a listening ear, surplus food and referring them to outside agencies for parental support.  I LOVE it!

I have YMCA in my blood now and I can’t see myself being this happy anywhere else! 😊

Thank You YMCA 😊

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