From September 2020 all of our nurseries and preschools are open each day either all year round or in term time.

To check their opening times, prices and other details, please contact the setting by clicking on the named setting below and either completing an enquiry form or ringing the manager.

We are having induction sessions for children and welcoming our new families and returners to the settings as safely as we can.

FAQ'S – YMCA Nurseries and Preschool - Parents and Carers

We have looked carefully at all of the Government Advice and Guidance and adjusted our environments and our practice. We have put risk assessments in place to support this and to make sure we are doing all that we can. If you wish to see a copy of the detailed risk assessment please email us or ask the manager.

We have put social distancing measures in place for adults in the setting and for parents at drop off and pick up times. We are using all of the space indoors and outdoors, restricting numbers at busy times of the day. We are not having additional visitors to the setting unless for essential work. Children will not be expected to socially distance, as it is not age appropriate for most of them.

We have instigated scrupulous hygiene practice for everyone and all staff members have completed a module on infection control on-line.

We will be checking temperatures of staff and children as they enter the building and we will be sending staff and children home if they are unwell at any time during the day.

We have adequate supplies of gloves, aprons, cleaning materials and hand sanitiser. We are not using face coverings at all times in the setting and will not be expecting children to do so as this is not a recommendation for early years and educational settings. Our staff may use cotton masks to travel to and from work especially on public transport. We will use visors at the door when we take temperatures or if a child or adult becomes ill in the setting. We will also use them when we change children.

We have credited your account with the refund of fees for the part month. If you are not returning before your child leaves for school, we can refund the amount. If in the meantime, you have childcare vouchers, we ask that you send them into us at your nursery so that we can use these as a credit on your account. We ask that you pay promptly for your fees and that you pay by BACS or card. We are not accepting cash at the moment.

We are monitoring occupancy carefully and have reduced the number of children that we are taking at our settings. We have also reduced our ratio for older children to 5/6 instead of 8 at the moment. We have social bubbles with one adult and a small group of children and this group will stay together throughout the session or day and through the week. Staff will take short breaks during the day and these will be covered carefully. We will avoid moving children between spaces and limit the use of communal areas. We are using our outside spaces as much as possible.

Managers will be in touch about settling-in sessions for all families. We are not able to have parents in the settings at this time but we will give feedback to parents and focus on settling the child with familiar staff. Our experience is that most children are pleased to see their friends and familiar staff members but require some gentle attention in small groups to get going. This has been working well at our setting that remains open.

A During this time we have had some new starters at our settings as we have accepted children from other settings. We are able to accept new starters at all of our open settings but will limit the time for the parent to be in the setting and check temperatures of adults and children on the way in. Prospective parents may look round at times when most staff and children are not there. Most conversations can be carried out by phone or video conferencing. Registration forms can be sent back remotely.

Many children suffer from common childhood ailments and illnesses. At this time we ask that you follow Government Guidance at all times and if your child or any member of the family has a temperature or a cough, you should self-isolate for up to 14 days. This may include times when the problem is not Covid-19 but it is better to be safe than sorry. All families including children are now eligible to access testing centres for Covid-19.

At this early stage, we are setting out smaller groups and using our areas differently to reduce contact and minimise the risk of infection. We have therefore asked some families to come at different times to decrease group size at certain times. We will be reviewing this and we are interested in any feedback as to how this is working for families.

We have been trialing this at one of our nurseries that is open and it has worked well. We will spend time settling children in the room with familiar members of staff. You are most welcome to phone us or contact us afterwards to check all is well with the manager or keyworker and we will, of course, contact you if we are concerned. We will also use Tapestry to send pictures to you and message you. We are using Tapestry as our main way of communicating with parents as this has worked so well in lockdown.

A. Accident and incident forms will be signed on Tapestry. Safeguarding forms will be signed at the door. You will be able to phone us if you have any follow up or need more detail.

We are expecting that some parents will change their requirements from previously and would like you to set out in writing to us, what you require for the remainder of the term. We will issue invoices when we have this information. We just ask that once you have done this, you stick to the new hours as far as you can to avoid confusion. We will do our best to accommodate your new hours and funding requirements.

That is fine, please let us know in writing what your requirements will be for September and we will be in contact. Do keep in touch if your requirements change over time. We are happy to accommodate changes.

That is fine, please register on-line through HMRC and get a code for this and then let us know in writing what hours you will require. There is information about this on the BANES and Wiltshire Council Web Sites.

Yes this is an offer for all families. Everyone is entitled to 15 hours and working parents can access 30 hours. We offer this per week term time for 38 weeks and at our all year round settings, parents can also stretch this offer to 11 or 22 hours across the whole year of 52 weeks. There is more information for parents about this on Council web sites.

We have been in touch with the schools and we are working on how to achieve transition as smoothly as possible. We expect that for mainstream provision, reports will be completed based on when we last saw the children and schools use their own observations and assessments to baseline assess children. We will be available of course to give information and parents will be asked for any information and up-to-date knowledge of their children. We will take time and care about how we transition children within the settings and, we will always consult with you about what you think.

We welcome new children and of course we can offer a place. Please ask your manager about this.

There have been some relaxations around the renewal times but we are keeping a close eye on this and have already rescheduled training that had to be postponed.

This has also been relaxed but we are carrying them out once children have re-settled. This is even if they are past the 2-year point.

Our nurseries and preschools settings are safe, friendly and inspiring places for children to be.  We believe in creating truly, magical moments for children.

YMCA Brunel Group currently operates 9 Ofsted registered nurseries and preschools in Bath and Wiltshire and is committed to providing an exceptional standard of care everywhere. Whilst each nursery and preschool has its own identity and operates slightly differently, each share a common YMCA ethos that differentiates us from other providers. Staff teams are highly qualified with everyone undertaking a range of professional development opportunities. The teams work together to share ideas and create magical experiences.  We offer a range of exciting activities for the children and promote a strong partnership with our parents.

All our nurseries and our preschools are registered with Ofsted and links to their latest reports are available from their individual pages on this website.  All staff and volunteers have enhanced DBS clearance before starting work. We aim for all of our qualified staff to have a current First Aid qualification, as we believe this is very important. Our safeguarding work is of a very high standard and we work closely with our families to promote the best start in life for all the children. We welcome feedback from parents and we give out monthly newsletters and regular updates.  Our manager’s doors are always open.

We attract a wide range of parents to our settings. Some of them are full-time working and some part-time. Some are not working and choose us because of the high quality of our provision. Many parents choose us time and time again as they feel part of our large family.

All children aged 3 and 4 are eligible to receive 15 hours free early education each week. We will be offering 30 free hours (from September 2017) for working parents who are eligible for the new offer.

To check if you are eligible for the 30 hour offer please go to

Eligible two year olds can access 15 hours free and parents can check whether their child is eligible by looking on their local authority web site.

Bath & North East Somerset Council:  -funded childcare for two year olds

Wiltshire Council: free funding for 2 year olds

If you require further information about this, please contact the nursery or preschool you are interested in directly from the individual page.

Our daily educational programmes, activities and routines are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and delivered by our highly motivated staff team. Both our indoor and outdoor areas are fully resourced and we use these in innovative ways for the benefit and enjoyment of the children.

We work closely with local schools to ensure that children are well prepared for the next stage of  their education. We use a secure on-line assessment tool, which enables parents to be part of our assessment process, as they can comment and upload their own images. They can go on-line daily to see how happy their children are in our care and yet at the same time be involved in their education.

Our experienced and dedicated staff teams are fully committed to:

Recognising each child as unique and planning for their individual interests and development stage

Providing stimulating, safe and innovative environments both inside and out

Providing quality care for children and their families that reflects everyone’s needs

Developing trusting and supportive partnerships between home and the setting

Encouraging children to develop socially and emotionally as a foundation for life.


To achieve this we encourage all our children to:

Develop independence and self-confidence

Problem solve and make their own decisions.

Learn through play and exploration

Interact with each other and show mutual respect for their peers

Have fun and be happy !

For more detailed information about the early years curriculum please see

The following adult /child ratios are maintained at all times:

Under 2’s 1:3

2 year olds 1:4

3 – 5 year olds 1:8

We pride ourselves in offering healthy food in all of our childcare settings and the starting point for us is a Food Hygiene qualification. Many of our staff takes this qualification. Additionally we take part in healthy initiatives such as the Eat Well Start Well programme and we continuously achieve high star award for our kitchens. Our menus are well designed and we take account of all dietary needs and preferences.