YMCA Little Ducklings Nursery, Lyneham

Some children come full-time and some access part-time hours to use their government educational funding and access our exceptional work.

House 19 looks after the babies and toddlers and House 20 has the 3-4 year olds. There is a large outdoor play area across the back of the nursery which we have redesigned and made weather -proof for all-year- round access. This has given exciting opportunities for the children as they access a range of quality play equipment.


We work well with the local school and children transition seamlessly onto a range of local schools within our area

We are staffed by a dedicated and expert team in the nursery and we support the army-based community in their community. We are very proud to be in this community and parents find us friendly and professional. They recognise that we have a great understanding of their unique situation.


Manager: Keris Healey

19 and 20 Teal Avenue
Lyneham, Chippenham,
SN15 4QA

Phone: 01249 890278
Email: littleducklings@ymca-bg.org

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