More Information – YMCA Kingfisher Preschool, Westbury

Parents say:

“I think it’s unique and managed accordingly”

“I am more than happy with the way all the ladies run Kingfisher. This is my 2nd child to attend. They have made them come on in leaps and bounds. I can’t thank you enough”

“The manager understands the needs of all the children and is happy to discuss any matters”

“I have no doubt at all, that the amazing staff at Kingfisher have changed my shy, timid little girl, into a confident, social and very happy child. I could not be more grateful”

And a new prospective parent recently said “if you can’t trust the YMCA, who can you trust!”

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Manager: Tracy Raymond

YMCA Kingfisher Preschool
Bitham Brook School Site
Arundell Close
BA13 3UA

Phone: 01373 825904

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