Our Rooms – Green Shoots Nursery, Trowbridge

Our Buttercups room is light and airy and has its own outdoor space. The youngest children have lots of opportunity to explore and develop under the care of experienced and caring practitioners who form close attachments, with the children at this important stage of their childcare journey. We recognise that this is often the first step away from parents and we form a close working relationship with the parents as we jointly manage this phase.

The Daisies Room is situated in the middle of three inter-connecting rooms at our nursery. We have a special creative area accessible for the children at all times. We have a strong team of 3 permanent qualified staff; this ensures continuity for both the children and their parents. We are a friendly, welcoming team which provide a wide range of activities to support the individual needs of the children. In the Daisies room, we work hard on promoting socialisation as well as independent self-help skills to aid the children with their move up to the pre-school room. The relationship with both parents and their children is paramount, this enables us to build up a picture about the children and their interests and needs. We can tailor our activities/resources to best suit the children and further their development. Having good relationships with the parents also allows them to feel comfortable to come to us for advice on potty training or any concerns regarding their children.

Within the Sunflower room, we work on the ethos that children learn through play. Experienced staff extend their play and learning opportunities by adding resources to enhance their interests and help them explore and develop their own ideas.

We offer great opportunities to play both inside and outside. The children are also given free play time to develop their own skills, interests and relationships at their own pace. We promote working in a partnership with parents and they can become fully involved in their child’s learning processes if they wish to. Parents will often share activities from home and we will talk through these when the child comes into Sunflowers again.

In the Sunflowers room, we work closely with outside agencies, such as speech therapists, special educational needs advisors and reception teachers. The transition into school begins very early on in the academic year as we use facilities at our on-site school and the reception teachers come through and engage in activities with the children and staff. During the summer, we use the school hall for PE sessions which enables the children to become independent with preparing and organising themselves.

We have a flexible routine in place within our room as we have a rolling snack and children are given the choice of when to have their healthy snack and how to manage their own play choices.




Manager: Kady Hanney

Green Shoots Day Nursery
Westfield Road
BA14 9JQ

Phone: 01225 755616
Email : KadyHanney@ymca-bg.org

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