YMCA Brunel Group Art Show – Help us provide a first place prize

Every young person we have worked with this year, whether that be through our youth work or our supported housing, has undergone a journey of growth and resilience.

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We hope to showcase the incredible development of these young people with a Juried Art Exhibition. We have asked young people from various projects across our charity to produce a work of art, in any medium, that express how they feel about this past year.

These artworks are more than mere reflections; they represent the struggles of each individual and their courage to share their story. The show represents our commitments to helping these young people have the confidence to share their voice, and the hope that their voices will be listened to, understood, and valued within their communities.

Throughout 2023, YMCA Brunel Group has worked to foster youth creativity through various projects.

  • Our youth clubs have partnered with Somerset Art Works (Somerset Art Works in Partnership with YMCA Brunel – Somerset Art Works), who have delivered engaging workshops that have allowed young people to playfully and confidently explore new creative processes.
  • In Street Foyer, Support Worker Savannah has been encouraging residents to express themselves through music. Her background as a DJ (DJ name Savvy B) has been a huge influence in this supported housing setting.
  • In Christopher House in Yeovil, residents have been getting innovated with recycled materials to create fun, personal pieces of furniture to make a space that truly feels like their own.
  • Accommodation & Support Worker Ellen, based in Frome, is organising this Juried Art Exhibition to bring together all of the creativity across our charity, highlight the works of our young people, and celebrate their creative responses to their own personal experiences.

We plan to hold the exhibition in 2024, where the young people can showcase their hard work to their peers and their communities. To enhance this experience and recognize their efforts, we seek your support in providing a first-place prize.

These prizes are more than just tokens; they are acknowledgments of the courage it takes to share personal stories through art. By donating, you become an integral part of a movement that values the power of self-expression in navigating life’s challenges. Your support will enable us to reward these young individuals for their courage to share their voice. You will help us to remind them that these stories matter, that their struggles are seen, and that their resilience is celebrated.

Your generosity has the potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of these young individuals. You will help us to build communities where everyone can belong, contribute and thrive. Donate now: YMCA Brunel Group Art Show – Help us provide a first place prize – JustGiving