Trowbridge Community Champions

YMCA Brunel Group staff are awarded Community Champions award

As ever, our staff go above and beyond to contribute to their local communities and change the lives of young people and families.

Kaylea Wink (Little Shoots Nursery Manager) and Kady Hanney (Green Shoots Nursery Manager) have been recognized by their community in Trowbridge and awarded the Community Champion award!

“We were delighted to be presented the Community Champion Award for both our Trowbridge nurseries by the Mayor. This award celebrates the impact of the work that has hugely changed the lives of families and children who are vulnerable and need safeguarding from harm. We were also delighted to know that there were many nominations for both nurseries from both the public and other professionals that we work with.” Julia Honeywell, Director of Children’s Services

We couldn’t be prouder to have such incredible staff working for YMCA Brunel Group. Thank you Kady and Kaylea!

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