Transforming Little Ducklings Nursery and Enriching Outdoor Learning

We are so pleased to announce that our Lyneham nursery, Little Ducklings, has been award £80,000

from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to go towards improving the outdoor space.

This fund will shape the future of our children’s learning environment and allow for further training for our staff so we can ensure the best possible programmes for children and families in the area.

Late last year, fuelled by a deep commitment to the well-being and development of their children, the nursery began working on their application for the funding. Nights turned into days as they meticulously crafted a proposal aimed at enhancing the experiences of their young learners and supporting the diverse needs of their community.

The team’s vision was clear: to create a nurturing outdoor environment that fosters holistic growth and empowers every child to flourish. With this in mind, they outlined two primary objectives: to enrich outdoor resources for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children and to provide comprehensive training for their staff, ensuring they deliver exceptional experiences tailored to the unique requirements of service personnel children and military families.

The culmination of their efforts brought forth an incredible outcome—a grant totalling £80,000 generously awarded to the nursery by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust. YMCA Brunel Group would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Covenant Fund Trust for their support in this endeavour.

With the grant in hand, the team wasted no time in setting their plans into motion. Phase 1 of the project has already commenced, with the help of local company, White Horse Building and Landscaping Company Limited. Their expertise will be instrumental in transforming the outdoor space into a haven of exploration and discovery.

Little Ducklings staff see the space as a blank canvas, where imaginations can roam freely, guided by the creativity of the children they work with on a daily basis. The team hope to create a space that is inclusive, resilient to the elements, and seamlessly integrated with the natural landscape. This will be a beautiful, engaging space where children can explore, learn and thrive.

Every element has been carefully considered to maximize learning opportunities and foster imaginative play. A few of the activities the team have planned include:

  • More shelters erected for all year-round access to outdoor play.
  • Garden 19 will have a sand shed installed which will create a safe space for the younger children to explore the sand in an interactive and immersive environment.
  • Installation of a pathway to create a circular track for children to imagine a race track whilst on their bikes, to turn into a runway for their airplanes, or to make a little artists dream by using outdoor chalks and paints to create on. The possibilities are endless!

Throughout the project, safety is integral. Together, children and staff have been practicing walking between houses and learning about road safety. The White Horse Building and Landscaping Company Limited is fully DBS checked and will be conforming to all our policies and procedures whilst on site. 

Stay tuned for updates on how the project is going! Together, they are shaping a brighter future for our children—one adventure at a time. If you want to hear more stories like this, sign up for our newsletter: YMCA Brunel Group