Street Foyer gets funding for Music supplies

We have some incredible people here at YMCA Brunel Group, each with their own unique backgrounds, stories, and talents.

Savannah, a support worker in Street Foyer, has been working with residents through music. Savannah (DJ name Savvy B) is inspiring the young people in Street to write lyrics, perform and mix music. This is a wonderful creative outlet to express trauma and emotion, learn, build confidence and work as a team.

Savannah and the residents have big dreams but very little equipment to work with, and no proper sound proofed space. The hope is to create a usable space where young people from Street as well as our other housing projects and youth clubs can learn about music production and express themselves creatively.

With the help of Battons Solicitors, we have secured £500 to get this project started. We are incredibly grateful for their support and the team at Street can’t wait to get started on a new creative space!

If you would like to contribute to this project, please donate here: