Space Raft

Space Raft youth club animation project

Launching “Space RAFT" 🚀

Space Raft is an animated film made by the young people of YMCA Brunel Group’s Street Youth Club in partnership with Somerset Art Works.

Inspired by artist Rory Pilgrim’s RAFTS project, this film was developed through a series of creative workshops led by Richard Tomlinson and Jasmine Otley with the young people. It was shaped entirely by their interests and ideas.

‘In moments of change and transition, what supports us and keeps us afloat? A raft is the simplest and most fragile vehicle of survival on open water. Ancient as human language, rafts are still needed during urgent crossings. With the idea of Earth also as a lonely life raft floating in space, the symbol of a raft has often represented the ultimate preserver of life.’  – Rory Pilgrim

Our young people really thrived in the making of this animated film. They so enjoyed the opportunity to take part, learn to skills, and be creative! We love to encourage our young people to work together and think outside of the box. And what a wonderful result!