Nellie the Cat

Nellie the cat visits supported housing project

The power of animals is incredible – we’ve recently been reminded of this in our supported housing project in Wells.

Neighbouring cat Nellie knows exactly where she is needed! Here are a few words from Senior Accommodation and Support Worker, Hannah Burgess:

For the past few months staff and residents at Spencer House have been very lucky to be adopted by a very sweet, four-legged friend. Nellie is a cat who lives down the road from Spencer House and comes almost every day without fail for cuddles from anyone who sets eyes on her! Nellie’s favourite place is the sofa in the communal kitchen where she will happily curl up on your lap for a fuss.

It has been so lovely to see all of the residents form a relationship with Nellie, as she always seems to know when she is needed for a cuddle. She has offered plenty of support to everyone at Spencer House by hopping up onto their laps when they need it most. Residents have commented on how therapeutic it has been to have Nellie here as they have said that stroking her helps them to feel a bit calmer when emotions are heightened.

She can be quite the sassy little lady when she is not getting enough attention, but we have all loved her calming presence and the opportunity for cat cuddles!

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