Lifelong Resilience Through Creativity

Our Frome Youth Club has been working with Somerset Art Works on a wonderful 2-year project: Lifelong Resilience Through Creativity.

Frome Youth and Community Centre is currently undergoing a big transformation. This is a prime opportunity for our young people to make the space truly theirs. In partnership with SAW and local artist Lucy Oates, they have been able to do just that. Through regular creative workshops, we have watched our young people learn new skills, express themselves creatively and become more confident.

These workshops have allowed young people at Frome Youth Club the opportunity to learn new, creative skills outside of home and school. They are allowed the time to fully immerse themselves in something collaborative, creative and enriching.

“We’ve seen the benefits to having creative workshops and the positive impact on the young people. We want to continue to provide workshops and projects to not only increase their skills and creativity but to use this as a centre to bring young people together.” – YMCA BG Youth Worker

Image credit Somerset Art Works