Grace Harris House Prison Visit

The staff at GHH asked the residents what they would like to do to celebrate Christmas.

They agreed that they would like to visit Shepton Mallet Prison (not the most conventional way to mark the festive season but this was their decision!) So in December, five residents and two staff had a very informative guided tour of the prison. We all learnt a lot during this tour and looked around many areas of the prison including the execution room where hangings took place until 1945.

We were told (amongst other things) that it is the country’s oldest prison (although no longer in use) with parts of it dating back to 1610. During World War II it housed the Magna Carta and was used as an American Military Prison and, during the 1950s, two of its most famous inmates were the Kray twins.

After the tour we were allowed to look around various parts of the prison unaccompanied and a good time was had by all!