Donations Box in Wells Cathedral

A significant focus of YMCA work in the UK is with young people who need support, guidance and a place to meet people or just hang out.

We support those who are at risk of homelessness and maybe have not had stability or opportunities others are fortunate enough to take for granted. At YMCA Brunel Group we extend this support and help around housing beyond young people, where possible, to adults of all ages. This is especially true of our sites in Mendip and South Somerset.

Each year, nearly 1,400 young people in our area face homelessness. Our support workers across all of Brunel Group work tirelessly to help those at risk. For the month of June, Wells Cathedral has given us a donations box. Donations are important to us so we can continue our work, but awareness is key. We’ve worked hard to create an eye-catching and educational poster about our work in Mendip and South Somerset. We invite you to visit the beautiful Wells Cathedral and learn about the work we do for our community.

“Every person we help makes it all worthwhile.  It is hard work that we do but where would our young people and adults be without us.  I am so proud to be part of YMCA and know how respected we are by our partners and the public!” – Carol Plenty, Adult Services Manager