Coronation Celebrations in the Nurseries

Nursery staff and children celebrate the Coronation together

Over the weekend, the Coronation was celebrated across our nurseries.

Our nursery staff went above and beyond in each setting to celebrate the Coronation, thoughtfully planning activities that suited the children. Everyone had a great time, with lots of cake!

At Little Shoots, the staff created a fantastic environment and activities for the children to celebrate. The children made and decorated their own cakes, dressed up in royal outfits and had a wonderful time. In the afternoon, parents and carers were invited to a stay and play session.

At YMCA King’s Nursery, the children made crowns and decorated flags!

At Mansion House, they started off the week by making flags, before the children made their own crowns. On Thursday, the children made fruit scones and jelly in preparation for our Coronation Stay and Play on the Friday afternoon. We invited our parents and children not in session to join us for our Big Lunch and an afternoon of more flag and crown making activities with our families and a small Coronation Snack party. All staff and children have come dressed in Red, White and Blue. We have also been practising saying “God Save The King” and marching to Band music. We have had a lovely week!

At YMCA Redland Nursery, HRH King Pablo the resident parrot oversaw a fabulous Coronation party and wore his very best feathers. The children and staff had a wonderful tea party to celebrate the upcoming event.

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