Chester visits Arthur’s House

Last week, there was a very special visit to our supported housing project in Glastonbury, Arthur's House.

“Chester’s owner volunteers for an organisation called Pets as Therapy. We applied a few months ago to have a visit from a dog and we were matched with Chester.

Chester was very friendly and gentle with the young people and they were all very excited to meet him. Chester enjoyed being stroked, having his ear rubbed and being fed treats. Chester will be an ongoing visitor to Arthurs house and we hope he enjoys his visits as much as we will” 

– Caroline Hamilton, Team Leader P2I+

Arthur’s House works with young people under 18, providing 24/7 support to residents. Animals can have a such a profound impact on people, and we are so pleased that Chester will be a regular visitor. His friendly presence helped to reduce stress and anxiety levels among residents. His visit created a positive atmosphere, fostering a sense of companionship and emotional connection that transcended verbal communication.

Thank you team Arthur’s House for making this happen!