Celebratory Carol Service

Christmas carol service

On Thursday, 1st December we celebrated YMCA Brunel Group with a Carol Service at Holy Trinity Church in Frome.

The carol service was a beautiful evening full of stories of all of our hard work and how our staff  at YMCA Brunel Group change lives and build strong communities. Supporters such as B&NES Council, Frome Pioneers, Somerset WI, and more came to listen to our service and thank us for our work. Trustee and Chaplain Chris Hare led us through the evening, with carols, thoughtful meditations, and a blessing.

The church was strewn with decorations designed and produced in our nurseries. Everyone who attended received a beautifully designed YMCA wooden snowflake for the Christmas tree – thanks to Fenrir’s Den Studio.

Julia Honeywell shared stories from our Children’s Services, highlighting what makes each of our 8 nurseries unique and wonderful.

Mark Willcox followed with a discussion on Youth & Community and the importance of life-long hobbies. Attendees were introduced to a very exciting animation project that will be shared soon – for now it is top secret!

Simon Burgess highlighted the Health & Wellbeing team and their fantastic work with the community as well as with our service users.

Carol Plenty followed with a presentation on all that Mendip Supported Housing has to offer, we can’t wait to see those shoe boxes handed out! (Thanks to Carol, Gregg’s donated 180 mince pies that were enjoyed after the service alongside mulled wine).

Maggie King concluded the presentations with some inspiring stories from the housing team in Bath.

Our CEO, Mike Fairbeard thanked everyone for their support and spoke of how proud he is of the work all the staff do. He also thanked all our trustees, many of whom were present at the event, for their on going professionalism and support.

We want to thank everyone who attended, presented, and worked to make this evening so successful. We hope for many more Carol Services to come!