Bridging Generations: A Heartwarming Connection Between Humpty Dumpty Nursery and Penn Court Residents

Community is at the heart of what we do at YMCA Brunel Group. Our nursery staff are excellent at embedding our values in the children’s learning. Our nursery in Calne, Humpty Dumpty, perfectly demonstrates a commitment to community engagement, compassionate learning and building connections.

The children at Humpty Dumpty look forward to their weekly visit to Penn Court, a retirement housing property in Calne. Every Tuesday, an intergenerational bond flourishes through laughter, songs, and shared activities.

The day kicks off with infectious energy as both children and residents unite in singing the “Good Morning” song, setting a vibrant tone for the day ahead. The “Wake and Shake” routine, set to the lively beat of WHAM!, adds a burst of enthusiasm, ensuring everyone starts the day with a smile.

Once the ice is broken, the real magic begins. The activities are as diverse as the personalities gathered, ranging from traditional favourites like puzzles and bingo to more creative pursuits like parachute games and playdough sculpting. Every moment is an opportunity for connection and shared joy.

The atmosphere is full of genuine warmth and love in each visit. Whether it’s a shared giggle over a tricky puzzle or a moment of quiet collaboration while crafting with playdough, each interaction shows a shared love of learning and exploring.

Recently, there was a delightful twist to the routine as some of the Penn Court residents paid a visit to Humpty Dumpty Nursery. The excitement was palpable as the roles reversed, and now it was the children’s turn to play host.

Once again, the day was filled with laughter and shared experiences. From singing familiar tunes to engaging in sand play and building a farmyard, the activities mirrored those enjoyed during the regular visits to Penn Court. However, this time, it was within the familiar surroundings of the nursery, creating a sense of confidence for the children who were able to show their friends their space.

We are so grateful to the residents of Penn Court who came to Humpty Dumpty for a visit. Our children were over the moon to share their space and create new memories!