12 year old Millie organised a non-uniform day at school to raise money for the YMCA

We were overwhelmed by Millie and her appreciation of her own circumstances compared to those of others and then her wish to raise money and support others – here is her story…

“Hello, my name is Millie and I am 12 years old.  I am honoured to be Head of School Council at my school, Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne.  This opportunity has given me a chance to work with School Council reps in all years to come up with ideas for our school community.  I also get the opportunity to talk about these ideas with the Head and Deputy Head Teachers.  In one of these meetings, we suggested some charities that we would like to raise money for.

One of these charities was YMCA Brunel Group.  I asked to raise money for YMCA Brunel Group because it is a wonderful community that is there for each other and they support, encourage and believe in the young people they work with.  The main reason I felt strongly about raising money for this charity just before Christmas was because I realised that I am very lucky compared to some of the young people who live there.  I receive many presents at Christmas from family and friends but the young people living in the YMCA don’t have as many privileges as me.  The staff try their very best to bring Christmas cheer to everyone’s faces but they can’t do this without the amazing donations from local communities.  So, the money my school raised (£167!) went to giving the residents the best Christmas possible and most importantly bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.

If you want to help this amazing charity and all their different projects, why don’t you ask your school if you can have a non-uniform day where pupils pay to wear their own clothes to raise money?  Also, don’t forget that everyone is on a different stepping stone in life – so try to give a smile to anyone, anywhere!”

Huge thanks to Millie and all the children at Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne – we think you are amazing!