180 Minutes Pic’n’Mix Fundraiser

15th June from 9:30am - 12:30pm at YMCA Bath Gym

This year marks 180 years of YMCA Impact! We thought the best way to celebrate is with a fitness challenge – 180 minutes of fitness (and fun!) to raise funds and awareness for YMCA Brunel Group.

Tickets: £18 per person (due to studio capacity, spaces are limited to 26 spaces)
*tickets are bookable at YMCA Bath Gym reception

Empower yourself, empower others

This event is more than just a workout; it’s a tribute to our rich history and a testament to the strength of our cause. From heart-pounding cardio to muscle-building strength training to relaxing yoga, we’ll be covering it all in this epic fitness extravaganza.

By participating, you’ll be helping us carry on vital work in our community with young people at risk. So challenge yourself, work up a sweat and help us build communities where everyone can belong, contribute and thrive.

Event Schedule:
9:30 AM: Circuits with Joe and Simon
10:00 AM: Core n Stretch with Bex and Matt
10:30 AM: Cycling and Tone with Neil and Natasha
11:00 AM: Body Pump with Harry and James
11:30 AM: Box Fit with Gigi and Annie
12:00 PM: Yoga with Trish and Mark

Want more of a challenge?

Why not encourage friends and family to donate to our cause as you exercise for 180 minutes? You can set up a personal fundraiser for YMCA Brunel Group on JustGiving and encourage your community to donate and keep you motivated throughout the challenge.
YMCA Brunel Group – JustGiving

No pressure, just fun!

We understand that everyone is on a different fitness path – there is no pressure to attend each and every class in the challenge. We encourage you to do what you can and enjoy the energy of improving wellbeing and improving communities!

After the workout, keep the celebration going at our Charity Disco Fundraiser event!