10 December 2019

YMCA Bristol is delighted to be working closely with Bristol City Council and the Bristol Housing Festival on YMCA Zed Pods…

The YMCA ZED PODS development will not only provide a great place to live at an affordable price, but will also create opportunities for the young people that live there to be part of a caring community – with live in Community Builders proactively engaging with all the young people that live there to create a place to belong.

The vision is to re-think housing for young people – based on our firm belief that we all thrive when we are part of a community, and have people around us that care.

Beneath is an artist’s impression of the development and what it will look like.

YMCA Brunel Group works to prevent youth homelessness in Bath, Bristol, Mendip and South Somerset.

We also specialise in working with children through our nurseries and out of school clubs, as well as working with young people in our youth clubs and Ten Sing. We have an excellent health and wellbeing centre at our Bath branch, providing all-inclusive membership packages and pay as you go options.

e aim to cover most of our central costs through our social enterprises (two commercial hostels in Bath and Bristol) and then through our health & wellbeing work and children’s activities so that any surplus funds go into supporting our charitable work. Our main centres are in Bath, Bristol and Mendip & South Somerset