Our workplace culture
There is a shared culture at YMCA Brunel Group where we live out our values and care for one another, as well as all our clients and service users.

Our Vision
We build strong communities where everybody can belong, contribute and thrive.

Our core values:

We recognise that every person is different but equally valuable. We actively include people at every level of our organisation, ensuring that our service users, young people, staff, trustees, volunteers and customers are representative of the communities that we serve. We work hard to enable each person to realise their potential.

Our work is focussed on connecting with people, and responding to them in a caring and compassionate way.

We believe that we are designed to live alongside other people. Our work actively creates opportunities for the people who are part of the YMCA (our young people, service users, staff, volunteers, customers etc) to be part of a community.

We are here to serve the needs of the communities in which we work. We don’t know everything. We listen to, and work alongside others to ensure that together we are making an impact where it is most needed. If we make mistakes – we learn from them and are honest and open about it.

Creativity and Innovation
We aren’t afraid to try a new approach or take a measured risk to increase the impact we make and respond to the challenges in our communities.

We think about the future, working in ways that bring about long-term benefit to our communities and our planet.

These were developed by our staff and trustees and they are at the core of what we do and how we behave. We know that our staff are at the heart of all our work and we are constantly working at ways to develop and nurture our employees. Some current ways we do this include:

 Staff get a fully inclusive membership of our health & wellbeing centre in Bath for the heavily discounted price of £15/month
 We offer a weekly wind down yoga and guided meditation class that is free to all staff
 We offer ways to upskill in different areas such as social media, fundraising, relationship building and health, safety & compliance
 Mentoring, coaching and secondment schemes – to support staff new in post and those seeking development and new opportunities.
 To meet and attend national YMCA events as well as access to other YMCA networks either geographically or role driven.

Other employee benefits include:

 25 days holiday plus bank holidays
 Pension scheme
 Cycle to work scheme
 Enhanced sick pay allowances and paid compassionate and emergency dependent leave
 Free health & wellbeing advice via a 24/7 support line
 YMCA employee advantages such as access to national YMCA discounts

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