We believe every young person should have a safe place to stay, unfortunately not everyone does. Your donation could help give a homeless young person a safe place to stay. Alongside this it will help to provide individually focussed support such as mentoring, counselling and basic life skills training. Your donation will make a big difference in the lives of young people in Bath, helping them to leave homelessness behind for good.

£5 could help provide essentials

Helping a young person with some of the essentials most of us take for granted is hugely appreciated. Your £5 could help provide a hot meal, a toothbrush / wash kit, a bus ticket or the opportunity to clean your clothes.

£15 could sponsor a room with a host family

Through our Nightstop project we place homeless young people with a host family for the night – where they receive a hot meal, their own bedroom and the opportunity to feel safe and cared for.

£35 could fund a counselling session

A homeless young person needs stability and support to be able to progress to independent living. Many need counselling and life skills to help them live independently and get back to work.

£25 could provide a personal care kit

Many young people turn up with nothing – our personal care kits include items such as PJ’s, tooth brush, shower gel, shampoo, sanitary items, a clean towel – these are vital basics that help young people start to feel better about themselves.

£50 could provide a start up pack

When a young person moves into one of our Platform for Life homes, they often come empty handed, we like to provide a basic food hamper, easy to follow cook book, some items for their room to get them started.

£150 could fund a weeks stay in our hostel

For less than £22 per day we can accommodate a young person at our main hostel and provide them with a clean bed in a single room, breakfast and an evening meal. Give a young person a safe place to stay for a week.

Give a Regular Donation
Give Once

Your donations are important

We do not take your donation for granted, they will enable us to provide young people with a safe place to visit or stay and a solid foundation on which to build their life. A regular gift will also enable us to provide longer term support, across a variety of our projects such as helping us sustain youth work activities in more rural areas, to enable young people develop into active, confident members of the community.

Other ways to get involved with the YMCA

There are lots of ways you can get involved in raising funds for YMCA Bath Group.

Ideas include:

Sponsorship – Bath Half, Tough Mudder, Colour runs, swimming, dancing walking, being silent or some kind of personal challenge that is appropriate it to you.

The YMCA also organises national events for sponsorship such as having allocated spaces in the London Marathon, Sleep Outs to raise awareness of homelessness and raise money at the same time and other sporting challenges throughout the year.

Put on an event

Put on an event such as a quiz or a fashion show and sell tickets. Not only is it a great way to raise money, it’s also good fun.

Afternoon teas/coffee mornings

Why not get baking and have people round for a coffee morning or afternoon tea? You can ask people for a small donation or hold a raffle and sell tickets.

Car boot sales

Set up a table for YMCA Bath Group at a car boot sale and sell your unwanted clothes and bric-a-brac. Or donate your unwanted items to your local YMCA shop.


You could hold an auction dinner. Ask individuals and local businesses for items that money can’t usually buy. Individuals could offer an hour’s gardening, an evening’s babysitting or a week in their holiday home. Local businesses could offer items like a studio portrait, a hamper or a haircut.

If you would like to organise your own fundraising or sponsored event for YMCA Bath Group at your home, school, church, place of work, or at our YMCA please contact us for posters, leaflets, branded materials and collection tins. We’ll be more than happy to help and could even support you to promote the event!

If you have planned a great event, don’t forget to contact your local press. The more people who know about your efforts, the more money and awareness you’re likely to raise.

Contact: marketing@ymca-bg.org

Every night we try to support young people in accommodation through our various services in Bristol and Bath plus our NightStop and Platform for Life projects in Bath. These are vital projects and help reduce homelessness, get young people off the streets and give them support to move on to safer and more secure accommodation and futures.  We value any support we can get for this work and welcome any donations or support you may be able to give.

We need not just financial support but we are also looking for hosts for our Nightstop project.

We need help to maintain and develop our work so that we can ensure that YMCA Bath  Group is there to reach future generations of young people and communities in need. By leaving a legacy gift in your will help us meet these needs.

No matter how large or small your legacy gift, it will be used in full to support our charitable work. We are in the unique position that our trading company covers all our central costs, therefore your legacy is used in its entirety to support vulnerable members of society. A gift of any size will make a difference.

The main thing to include in your will is our full name, registered office address and the registered charity number as follows:

International House
Broad Street Place

Charity Number : 1106370

If you would like to find out more, please call our CEO Mike Fairbeard on 01225 325907 or email mikefairbeard@ymca-bg.org

Give today and help someone like Tom


I was living with my Nan, things were difficult for a while. She kicked me out and I didn’t have anywhere else to live. I sofa surfed with some friends for a bit but my options were running out and I needed to find somewhere else.
I came to the Nightstop office and told them about my situation. They arranged for me to stay with some hosts that night.

Give today and help someone like Sarah

Platform for life

Life at home was temperamental. I was constantly having criticism about doing stuff or not doing stuff and I’d get more criticism for doing what was asked of me than for not doing anything. It was constant arguments. Occasionally it would get violent. One time I got hurt and had to leave. I’m learning how to budget better now as well. I’m a little bit more calmer.

Give today and help someone like Blair

Platform for life

Platform for Life has helped me learn about how to live independently and survive on my own. Life has been tough at times – my home life wasn’t great. Platform for Life came along at just the right time for me and it is like taking the next step forward in my life. I feel like I have become more confident since moving into the house and that when the time comes to move on again I will feel ready.

If you would like to become a regular giver and allow YMCA Bath Group to recover the tax you have paid please call 01225 325900 or email jonmarshall@ymca-bg.org to discuss how you would like to proceed.

For all other donation enquiries please contact: marketing@ymca-bg.org