A new thriving life for Karrie

9 December 2019

Since she was 13 years old her mum introduced her to heavy drugs and sex exploitation. A new thriving life for Karrie waited for her when she decided to escape her “family house” and the horrible situation; and chose a cold and unsafe life on the street, as she became homeless.

When Karrie arrived with us she was just 18yrs old, carrying with her a lot of confusion and stress; but with the determination to turn her life around. She did that greatly! Our supported housing project gave her a safe place to stay and find herself again. Our skilled support workers helped her on to a new path and she started to build a new life.

She finally had stability and the roles models she needed. She listened and took their advice. She felt loved, supported and protected. To build a new thriving life, Karrie she had to build her self-confidence and develop skills that were useful for getting a job and becoming independent.

Karrie’s now moved on and into her own flat. She has full-time employment in the hospitality sector and friendly colleagues. She is smiling and looking positively forward for the first time.

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