14 December 2021

This year staff and residents alike at Street and Frome Foyers were delighted to be part of St John’s Church in Glastonbury’s annual Christmas tree festival. Not only did residents enjoy decorating a YMCA Brunel Christmas tree, they were also proud to decorate Youth With A Future’s (YWAF) Christmas tree on their behalf.

YWAF is a very valued and longstanding supporter of YMCA Brunel and residents’ benefit from their kind donations towards activities, as well as the funding they provide for move in items. Their gratitude is expressed in the tags they wrote to adorn the tree with sentiments such as “A huge thank you for my move in items which you helped fund” and “Thank you YWAF for the bike, I can get to work now!”

One resident commented that decorating the Christmas trees had “really lifted my spirits on a day that wasn’t great for me – I feel so much better than I did.”

Jane Copestake, P2i+ Accommodation and Support Manager commented that, “The YMCA is very much a community organisation and we want the young people living in our supported housing to become an integrated part of the community, not only whilst they are living with us but also when they move into their own independent accommodation.”

If you would like to visit St John’s Church Christmas Tree Festival, it is on until Christmas Day. www.stjohns-glastonbury.uk